Best surprise with Balloon decor


Best surprise with Balloon decor

What's Included

- Multicolor Ceiling balloon with ribbon as shown In Picture - 50 Nos.

- Balloon Pillars (4 feet)  – 3 Nos.

- "Happy birthday" & "Love" Foil balloon - 2 Nos.

- "Red Heart Shape" foil Balloon - 4 Nos.

Note : Color combination can be customise, only after the booking.


Need to Know

- Minimum 10 feet height, 12 feet length is required for this decor set-up.

- Client need to provide the ladder, if require.

- Set up time is 2-3 hrs.

- Ceiling balloon are normal air balloon, as helium/hydrogen are flammable gas.

- Continuous power supply is mandatory for the decorations to be completed on time.

 - Style does not include stage, carpet, chair & table arrangements.



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