Home Decor for Baby shower


This decor is suitable for the home baby shower decor in the living area.

What's Included

- Backdrop (8*8feet) with Yellow satin cloth - Shown In the Picture.

- Artificial Flowers rows on the backdrop.

-  Couple couch - 1 Nos, if Required.

- Flower (white jasmine) hangings - As shown. 

- Focus Lights - 2 Nos, to enhance the look of the decor.

Note: Color combination of the Backdrop can be customise accordingly, only after the booking.


Need to Know

Minimum 10-12 feet height is required for this theme set up.

Continuous power supply is mandatory for the decorations to be completed on time.

You need to provide the ladder to complete the decoration if necessary.

You need to make sure sufficient set-up time is available.

You need to ensure that all necessary permissions/copyrights and authorizations are in place to arrange the decoration.?

This style can suit any occasion with appropriate customization with welcome and name board at extra charges.



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