Kids Plastic chairs (50 Guest)


Usually we all do the arrangements for the adults, seniors etc. but what about the children ??

So here we comes with the solution for the sitting arrangements for the infants, childerns (below 7 yrs). 

What's Included

Plastic Colorful chairs - 40 Nos.

Rectagular plastic table (St. size) - 7 Nos.

Table top - 5 Nos.

Party poppers, hats, horn - 20 Nos.

Need to Know

All the services will be booked for the above mentioned rent duration.

You need to make sure sufficient time is available to finish the set-up at your venue.

You need to make sure you have required arrangements in place to execute it on time.

For anything additional which is not mentioned here, charges will be extra.

If there is any damage to any of the merchandise used for this set-up during your party, you will be billed accordingly.

Booking does not include housekeeping service.

You need to ensure that all necessary permissions / copyrights and authorisations are in place.

Although we use all reasonable safety precautions, we cannot be held liable for any casualties arising at any stage.


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