Shamiyana And Carpet Package


The Shamiyana setup is suitable only for the open area/lawn/park etc.

 This Setup can also be done at the rooftop.

What's Included

This is an exclusive house warming package for your guests. This package includes

Shamiyana - 18 x 18 Sq ft Pipe 

Carpet - 18 x 18 Sq ft. 

Round Table with cover & top - 5 Nos.

Chairs with Cover & ribbon - 20 Nos.


Need to Know

You should have proper authorization to do the set up.

Minimum order of shamiyana is 18 x 18 Sq ft.

Size of shamiyana can be increased at Rs. 10 per Sq ft.

Shamiyana color can be chosen from blue, maroon, white.

Additional carpet can be ordered at Rs. 10 per sq ft

Serial light can be arranged at an additional cost of Rs. 50 per row

In case of early morning event, set up will be done at night with out any additional rental charge.


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